À la carte…


Visite-Guidée privée

You have a specific goal, for you or you and family or friends, such as exploring a neighborhood, a monument, going to the market, etc., obviously mostly in French.

Don’t hesitate to tell us what you would like to do, we will make suggestions to make your project or your stay amazing!

Les conversations

You prefer private conversations, on specific topics, at your own pace?‍‍
We suggest you simple conversations by the unit or by the formula, of course, but you can also mix them with grammar thanks to different formulas (online, with a little or a lot of grammar, …).
Vignette ronde formule rencontre compressée

Finally, walking around in France and talking spontaneously with local shopkeepers doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable anymore.
On the other hand, the telephone… just talking about it, you lose your voice?

No worries: wherever you are, we are there and we practice together to improve your fluency.

One of these proposals tempts you? Book your session or contact us for more information.‍