Speak your best French with a “bespoke” stay in Paris !

Our Philosophy

Fun cultural activities in French for people learning the French language (FSL)

Cafés have many functions: lifespaces, meeting spots, workplaces…A café or bistro around the corner is among the first things newcomers look for in a new city, to get a feel for the rhythms of daily life and decide on a ‘local café’

With Un Café Français, we have many local cafés, or we find new ones. They show us new neighbourhoods, and that’s why it’s here that we get together to discover French culture and discover the language. Just like French people!

You’ve got your bearings in Paris:  Un Café Français and regular workshops to improve your confidence. Now you’re ready to go further. To continue your learning, Un Café Français offers workshops in small groups. Practicing in a friendly atmostphere makes it easier to learn and use new words and phrases.

Our Advantages


Workshops are the source of new vocabulary.


Make your schedule according to your needs and preferences.


Our workshops are varied, hands-on or cultural. You’ll always have something new to discover


Live in France like French people. The activities we offer are adapted to your level.

One-shot ou une tournée!

 Pay-as-you-go at the workshop : the subscription is not required.

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