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French in Practice...

What’s on the menu at Un Café Français?

We offer many opportunities to learn and practice French. The most important thing is to provide an easygoing, friendly atmosphere. With different types of workshops we help you practice without feeling uncomfortable. All our activities are done in small groups, with the possibility to choose your level. Everything is done to help you envolve and our places are chosen with the greatest attention. From a conversation group over coffee to hands-on theme activities, take advantage of our expertise and learn more precise and useful language. It’s a different and effective way of learning. During our workshops you can also learn ceramin painting, flower arrangement, baking French pastry…

Interested? Let’s get started!

Vignette ronde groupe de conversation
Over breakfast with “P’ti Déj'” or an afternoon “Pause-Café”, find a moment to taste a delicious conversation in French in a small group, suited to your level.
Vignette ronde de personnes qui rassemblent leurs verres pour trinquer durant un apéro


How about at the end of the day, with drinks and friendly discussion in a agreable setting? A perfect occasion to make French customs your own!
Vignette ronde atelier peinture sur céramique


Between theory and practice… Feel at home in France.  At home you can take classes in cooking, drawing and theatre. Here too, and most importantly we PRACTICE our French!
Vignette ronde visites Guidées

Visites Guidées

You know a lot about France, perhaps more than the locals, because you learned it in your own language. This time, we let you discover this storied country… in French during your time in France, even if it’s just one day.
Vignette ronde de personnes qui rassemblent leurs verres pour trinquer durant un apéro

À la carte

Because you’re not always available at the same times as everyone else, have different goals, or are simply a little shy… Ask us to customise learning sessions just for you.

Malgré le bel été que nous avons cette année, la Covid-19 rend nos ateliers en groupe difficilement envisageables, à commencer par le port du masque, la distance...

Toutefois, si vous désirez poursuivre votre pratique de la langue française, nous vous proposons des rendez-vous privés virtuels ou désormais physiques. Pour plus d'information, contactez-nous.

Où que vous soyez, Un Café Français vous accompagne dans votre progression en français.

À bientôt!


In spite of this beautiful summer that we have this year, the Covid-19 makes our collective workshops difficult to envisage : by wearing masks, the distance...

However, if you wish to continue your practice of the French language, we suggest you PRIVATE meetings, VIRTUAL or from now on PHYSICAL. For more information, please contact us.

This summer, wherever you are, Un Café Français will keep assisting you in your progress in SPEAKING French.

À bientôt!